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About Us  
Scents of masala and tandoori smoked flavours with the hint of curry are some of the aromas Maurya brings to your table, which simply must be experienced firsthand.

Now in its 19th year, Maurya is a family-run business. We are open from
Lunch 11:30 - 2:00
Dinner 5:00 - 10:00
Fri-Sat 5:00 - 11:00
We are closed on Monday.



Tasteful aesthetics and delicious cuisine contribute to the ambiance and complete dining experience. Marble floors, handcrafted wooden art and imported wooden chairs from India have visitors in  awe of intricate detail. The decor, music and food are a fusion of India that unifies the restaurant in a trendy yet authentic manner; Maurya shows that it is possible to pay heed to the past as well as the present.
The very name of the restaurant harkens back to what many Scholars point to as not only the pinnacle of Indian civilization, but One of the humanity's true golden eras: the Mauryan dynasty. Among Its many artistic and spiritual legacies, we have inherited its distinct style of cooking. At Maurya, dishes are cooked as they once were  In Maurya Empire, providing a culinary glimpse back of some 2,300 years
Guest are offered diversity and choice, and a sensation evident in each dish through flavor, ingredients, texture and cooking technique. The tandoori platter in particular delivers an immaculate presentation of northern Indian flavors. For those who don't do meat, Indian cuisine is a gold mine; Maurya boasts a variety of vegetarian items, each distinct in texture and flavor
"Classic and delicious" describes Maurya's specialty dish: Murgh Malai Tikka,a creamy kabab of bonless chicken blended with cream cheese ,green chilies and coriander ,a mouthwatering experience coaxing back hungry patrons time andm time again.
If you've never indulged in India's sweeter side Maurya can bridge that gap with their legendary Gulab Jamun. Made from powdered milk, cream, and butter, this velvety filling is deep fried and topped with a cardamon and rosewater flavoured savory syrup. This dish is often referred to as the "Indian version of timbits" coated in syrup, high praise in Canada indeed.
Indian cuisine is more than just tandoori and curry; but passion for food and true hospitality. An authentic, romantic and mysterious ambiance provided through soft lighting and vast windows, the thought and care is evident throughout.
From Opulence: the Art of Fine Living, July 2008  
  Call: 403-270-3133